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Faith Fellowship Baptist Church

This section highlights ministries and the wonderful work they do! Each month of the year a new ministry will be selected and will be highlighted for their exceptional work for God!

Please make sure to come back each month and see who is the 

"Ministry of the Month!"

Ministry of the Month!

The highlighted ministry is....

May, 2020

Evangelism Ministry!



Administrative Team Ministry

Bridging the Gap Minsitry

Children's Church Ministry

Chosen 300 Ministry

Community Outreach Ministries

Deacons Ministries

Deaconess Ministry

Evangelism Ministry

Hospitality Ministry

Voices of Faith Ensemble

Men of Faith Ministry

Missions Ministry

Praise Dance Ministry

Scholarship Ministry

Special Events Ministry

Sunday School Ministry

Trustee Ministry

Ushers Ministry

Vacation Bible School Ministry

Women's Ministry

Youth Ministry

Technical and Communications Ministry


Sis. Gerry Sizemore

Sis. Patricia Alexander

Sis. Elsie Adams

Sis. Katrina MCcrea

Sis. Gerry Sizemore

Dea. Richard Taylor 

Sis. Genevieve Edlow 

To be determined

Sis. Queenie Lilly

To be determined

Pastor James R. Edlow Sr.

Sis. Pamela Spruill

Sis. Elsa Adams

Sis. Phyllis Carswell & Sis. Michelle Bailey

Sis Gerry Sizemore

Sis. Joyce Carey

Sis. Mary Hunt

Sis. Genevieve Edlow

To be determined

To be determined

Sis. Gerry Sizemore

Sis. Taryn Edlow & Bro. Jerome Edlow

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