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Techinal Issues SELF-Help

Why is my video buffering (stopping)?

All videos are played through your internet connection. If your wifi signnal isn't strong you will expreince buffering to a certain extent. Try reconnecting in an area with a stronger signal. Also, if you have too many tabs or aplications open it can cause your device to run extremely slow. Try closing out any programs you don't need to see if that fixes the problem.

How do I watch previous sermons or bible studies?

Great! We're so glad you would like to watch more of our services. Currently, our older sermons and bible studies are achived on facebook. If you have a facebook account you can feel free to go on our facebook page ( ffbc2101) and go to the "VIDEOS" tab to watch any showing you would like. Also avaible is our youtube channel "The Faith Fellowship Hour" where you can watch previosuly recorded services and bible studies. All of our streams are listed by date so that you may find a specific service if need be. We are currently working on a system to inlcude the archive here on the webiste for easy, free access. We do understand it is not the most convenient doing it through facebook or youtube.

Why isn't the sound clear or I can't hear anything at all? My video isn't clear?

Please try turning up the volume up on your device or in the video player itself you can shift the slider up to raise the volume. The sound and the video are all based upon your internet connection again. Please make sure the signal is strong as possible to ensure problem free viewing. You can chnage the quality of the video by hitting the "gear" button. We generally stream at 720P or 1080P quality which is HD. Facebook may default to 360P quality in the begining.

Why won't my video won't load at all?

Please try closing out the website and reopening it back to the online sermons page. We notice that fixes most problems.

Can I watch the videos on any other website?

Yes!, You are able to go to directly and search our page and all videos that have ever been live stremaed will be there. Also, you can go to our youtube channel which is "The Faith Fellowship Hour" and watch previosuly recorded streams there as well.